I came up with a cool new way to work. So I had to make a space for it.
Here's how:

What new way to work?

My setup uses the following hardware and software:

-Adjustable laptop stand, tilted ergonomically
-42" flatscreen on the wall at ergonomic height
-Noise-cancelling headset + Windows Speech Recognition
-Wiimote w/ Motionplus (it's gotta be Motionplus!) + GlovePie & WiiPair

Individually they're neat - combined they're kinda revolutionary.

Between speech recognition and the Wiimote, I barely have to touch the keys anymore:


And instead of hunched over a laptop, I work standing in front of a flatscreen:


I even painted the wall behind my flatscreen in Art Gallery White to keep the screen the only focal point. Props to my friend Marnie for letting me know that was a thing.

As I tend towards lateral thinking, fascination, rabbit holes & tangents (all of which can serve me really well in my work, as long as I stay within the parameters), I keep things extremely minimal.

My only decor is bamboo and a branded mug:


If standing gets to be a bit much I can sit on the swiss ball or chill on my futon - great for naps, too:

I've always loved what I do, but I was starting to hate how I did it. Now it's not nearly as much of a grind.


And when you add in gamification, Trello, and delicious Pomodoros then baby, you got a stew going.



Dan Cutler